Meet the Triyo

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Ayee what’s good? My name is Ahmad and I'm ya new favorite trainer! After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in May of 2018, I decided to dive into building Triyo Fitness with my brothers full-time and I haven't looked back since. When it comes to Triyo Fitness, you’ll almost always catch me editing a video or working on some new content.

Personal training is more than just a job for me; it's a lifestyle and one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I love seeing the satisfaction and excitement on my clients' faces when they reach new milestones and I'm fueled by the thought of helping others succeed and achieve their goals. Being a triplet and working on this business with my brothers also means there's never a dull moment. As they say, one’s company, two’s a crowd, but three is definitely a party. #BeGreater

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What’s up fit fam! I’m Khalil, aka the best of the bunch! I’m an ACE certified trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, so whether we’re in the gym or in the kitchen, I got you covered! My passion in life is easily self-improvement–for me and for others. I love pushing myself to my limits, but even more so, I love helping others realize their potential and achieve their biggest goals!

But I’ll be honest, if you train with me, you won’t get anything regular. Every session, we’ll be bumping the latest hits (LOUD), sweating EVERYTHING out, and having a damn good time doing it. I’ll push you farther than you thought you could ever go, but we’ll have more fun than you thought you ever could with training.

We all have the capacity for greatness–why wouldn’t you want to be the BEST version of yourself? Nah forreal, read that again. WHY wouldn’t YOU want to be the BEST version of YOUR SELF? Go ahead and shoot us an email so you can realize your greatness already!



What’s good gang! My name is Malik, your favorite triplet and the leader of this squad.  After trying my hand at a few corporate internships, I can say without a doubt that THIS—Triyo Fitness, motivation, inspiration, self-development—is what I love to do. As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a Functional Training Specialist, I have a deep interest in understanding how to move more efficiently and pain-free, and I love helping my clients do the same.

Get in the gym with me, and you can expect a wide variety of functional workouts that will help you lose fat, build muscle, and improve posture. We won’t just be lifting weights and working on the cardio machines, we’ll be getting it in with the kettle bells, sandbags, medicine balls, and challenging you as much as possible. Beyond that, you can expect improvements in your confidence, mindset, and perspective. I don’t just train bodies, I train minds, and I push you to Be Greater inside and out. It’s time for you to get to work--send your boys an email and get started with us, a better version of you is waiting!


Our mission is to help our friends, family, and clients achieve their goals and pursue their passions. We push them to develop into the best version of themselves--to train their minds, bodies, and spirits. Without a conscious mind, we have no direction. Without a strong body, we don’t have the tools to shape our lives. And without an everlasting spirit, we don’t have the drive to pursue our passions in the face of adversity. We push others to Be Greater everyday. We will train our way to a healthier world and help others develop the tools to pursue their passions, as we pursue ours.

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Our Story and What We Do

Our names are Ahmad, Khalil, and Malik Jones, and we are Triyo Fitness. We’ve always been into athletics and fitness. Back in elementary school, we started out with summertime karate classes at the YMCA and then moved on to various other sports throughout middle and high school, ultimately finding the most success in track and field. We started lifting weights in our freshman year of high school, finding an escape in the gym. Throughout all of this, we loved exercise and staying in shape, but our true turning point was during the summer after our sophomore year of high school: we found the calisthenics movement. We started doing calisthenics in the park near our house after watching the Barstarzz and other calisthenics groups on YouTube. We thought that functional movement was amazing—the ability to move your body in more ways than just pressing weight on the bench. Since then, we’ve always specialized in calisthenics, teaching others and bringing them with us on the road to body mastery. That road led us to new calisthenics skills (and a bit of gymnastics!) as well as an increased love for traditional weightlifting.

After our first year of college, we decided to make things official, becoming certified personal trainers the following summer. After returning to school with our certifications, we decided to use our knowledge of bodyweight exercise and calisthenics to begin hosting group workouts and fitness bootcamps for students on campus. After improving our bootcamps through practice, we started to gain more notoriety and students from other schools began contracting our services, bringing us to train with their clubs and organizations.

But it was always bigger than school, so after graduating from college, we decided to stay in Philly and pursue personal training full time. Now, we are here.

Quite literally, we are in the business of self-development, whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritual. We take the same tailored approach to each of our clients, getting to know them as best we can to create the best training plans, nutritional advice, and motivational content for their specific needs. On paper, we provide individual training services and host bootcamp group workouts. But off paper, we are the training partners, motivators, and family that our clients have been looking for. Our training transcends the physical, improving both the mental and spiritual components of our clients as well. But if you’re looking for shortcuts and quick fixes, we are not for you. We strive for long-lasting lifestyle change and we sincerely believe in helping people improve. We’re for the grinders that want to achieve something. For the most part, we’re average guys. We’re not really “super” good at anything, but we have goals and passions, and we go after them harder than anyone else.

We take a team oriented approach. Our clients and us are on the same team. We only win if you win, so we do our best to give you what you need to succeed.

Why We Do It

We train because we owe it to ourselves to be the best that we can be. If given the opportunity to improve, to be better than you were yesterday, why wouldn't you? We train for life, because it is filled with endless challenges that we must overcome. We train others because we know that we are stronger together. Above all, we train to

Be Greater.