A More Effective Way to Achieve ANY of Your Goals

As an athlete, entrepreneur, and someone who is intrinsically ambitious, I am always setting goals for myself. Whether it’s to perform a handstand or to get an A in a class, I set goals and reach higher every day. The problem with setting goals like “perform a handstand” or “get an A” is that those goals focus solely on the outcome. There is nothing within those goals that tells you how to achieve them. In fact, the results aren’t even guaranteed with outcome goals. I say “I want to get an A,” but what’s next? The issue with outcome goals is that they create a finish line with no path to get there. This is where process goals come into play. 

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6 Ways to Make Working Out FUN and ENJOYABLE

The more we enjoy our workouts, the more we want to do them. But, when they get old, boring, and uninteresting, we are so much less likely to want to get up and get them done. To help with that, I’ve created a list of 6 tips to help keep your workouts fun and enjoyable. Share with a friend if you find any of them helpful!

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