Why You Should Start Doing Calisthenics

What exactly are “calisthenics?” You’ve probably heard the word tossed around before, but never took the time to really understand what they are. Is it Yoga? Yes. Push-ups? For sure. Box jumps? Absolutely. Basically, calisthenics are exercises that consist of a variety of motor movements, typically done using one’s own body weight. Without a doubt, you’ve performed calisthenics before in sports practice or Physical Education class. But, you probably never considered them to be very effective exercise, or at least never thought about seriously doing them. Many of my peers today consider only the weight room to be the place where they can exercise and workout, and typically stick to the free weights, machines, and treadmill for all of their exercise needs. Before heading to the gym next time, consider doing a calisthenics workout instead. Here are 3 reasons to start calisthenics:


This reason should be especially compelling for people who already pay monthly/annually for a gym membership that they don’t actually use. Calisthenics is all bodyweight, so you don’t need to pay for any machines or weights to get a great workout. You can also do calisthenics anywhere: the safety of your own home, the beautiful park down the street, your backyard, or wherever you choose! Ideally, you’ll want to have access to a pull-up bar and dip-bars, and these can be found in many parks and playgrounds.


Great examples of the effectiveness of calisthenics are gymnasts. Take a look at any competitive gymnast and you’ll see thick biceps, toned abs, big calves, and a strong back, among other impressive features. Gymnasts are athletes have mastered and sculpted their bodies through calisthenics training, as gymnastics is primarily about effectively maneuvering one’s body. Gymnasts are examples of how far basic calisthenics moves like push-ups, sit-ups, planks, and pull-ups can take someone. Calisthenics is all about progression and is a great way to develop lean muscle and create an athletic, muscular physique.


Calisthenics, more than any fly, curl, or machine exercise, develops functional strength. Calisthenics forces the muscles of the body to work together to accomplish a movement. Take the muscle-up for example, one of the more advanced calisthenics exercises. In combines a pull-up and bar-dip into one motion, working the core, back, arms, and chest all at once. Developing the muscle-up is difficult, but it exercises many more muscles at once than a typical gym exercise would, and is a great addition to your workout. Muscle_Up As one progresses through beginner to advanced calisthenics, they develop movements like the muscle-up, front lever, back lever, planche, handstand, and endless others! Calisthenics develops strength, balance, agility, and functionality throughout the muscles of the body, giving one more control and awareness of themselves.

Calisthenics has permanently changed the way I exercise, and it can do the same for you too! Check out this video of my brothers and I showcasing various calisthenics exercises and moves! For more calisthenics and workouts, subscribe to our YouTube channel!


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