Why We Changed Our Name

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As we have grown into trainers and our business has developed, we have seen our organization go through different phases. Phase 1 was our entry into the world of training. It began with an ab workout video during our senior year of high school, mostly just for fun. We were 3 brothers that loved fitness more than anything, and yet, even more than fitness, we loved helping others achieve their fitness goals. Our passion was sincere--all we wanted to do was see others succeed. We were getting our feet wet in the health and fitness industry but had no idea what was to come for us.

Next, we became certified personal trainers, the hallmark of phase 2. We felt sincere gratification in training with others and we wanted to become true professionals. That was the summer before our 2nd year of college. After we returned to school, we started running bootcamp group workouts in the rooftop lounge of our dorm building. Before we knew it, we found ourselves training groups of 30-45 students and clients at a time, bringing our services to their front doors. We understood the college experience--the lack of time and money, and a profound desire to achieve something great--and could serve the needs of students better than anybody else. Eventually, we expanded and started traveling to different schools along the east coast, partnering with their student groups to bring our passion for health and fitness to their campuses. We continued making videos, training clients, and sincerely investing ourselves in our communities for their development and ours.

Now, it is time to move into our next phase.

We are serious and passionate about personal training and it is time to reintroduce ourselves. When we started, we didn't have much of a vision or direction. Our business name worked at the beginning, but we realized that if we were going to pursue this farther than just a few training sessions here and there, we needed to rethink who we were and what we stood for. After deep and thorough self-reflection, plenty of brainstorming, and patience, we are excited to announce that we are now Triyo Fitness, and our new name encapsulates who we are and what we strive to do.

Our name and logo elude to the number 3 and the shape of a triangle. The number 3 represents who we are as a team and a brotherhood, and whoever should join us becomes a part of the team and a part of our family. The triangle is the most stable and solid shape, frequently used in the construction of bridges, buildings, and massive architectural endeavors. This is what we strive to do as trainers--to help develop and build our clients into the strongest, most successful versions of themselves, regardless of the challenge. Our triangle represents 3 points with 3 different angles from which we train ourselves and our clients: Our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. Each is essential to achieving the goals that we and our clients set for ourselves. Without a conscious mind, we have no direction. Without a strong body, we don’t have the tools to shape our lives. And without an everlasting spirit, we don’t have the drive to pursue our passions in the face of adversity. We understand that our clients have goals, dreams, and aspirations. We know that they are the grinders of the world with a passion to make a difference, whether it is in their lives or the lives of others. We hope that our new name and brand will become a health and fitness escape, a way to help the grinders and go-getters achieve their goals and get the best out of life. Allow us to reintroduce ourselves: We are Triyo Fitness.

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