The EASIEST way to CUT your Calories (RIGHT NOW)!

It’s beach season. Time to Tone. Time time to burn fat. Time to get those washboard abs. Time to look your best. If you read my last post (click here to peep it), then you already know that if you want to burn that fat and see those abs, you need to be in a caloric deficit. So now you know what you need to do, the question is, how?

Cut calories, of course, and burn more than you consume. So here, I’ll give you my absolute easiest tip to start reducing your calories RIGHT NOW.

Stop drinking them.

That’s right. I’m not taking any of your food away, not with this one. I want you to consider what you’re sipping on.

Lattes, soda, fruit juice, possibly your favorite order at Starbucks--what do they all have in common? They probably have more calories than you think.

Let’s throw out some quick numbers:

Starbucks Grande 16oz Caramel Macchiato (2% milk): 250 calories

Can of Coca-Cola: 140 calories

Cup of orange juice: 111 calories

Budweiser Beer (typical 12oz): 148 calories

Shot of Fireball Whisky: 108 calories

Depending on how much and what you drink, these calories can add up over the day. A cup of orange juice in the morning, maybe a latte during the afternoon slump, and possibly a beer with dinner. That’s already 509 calories of just drinks. It can be especially difficult when you’re consuming calories but still feel hungry since you’re not actually eating them.

Of course, how you consume your calories is your choice, but be aware that there are a lot of hidden calories that could be stopping you from losing the weight you want to.

It’s extremely easy to sip on something throughout the day, almost without even thinking. If you eat in your school's or job’s dining hall, consider how many times you fill up your cup at the drink machines. What are you drinking and how much? Personally, on occasion I can have 2 or 3 cups (more or less) of Powerade with lunch and dinner. At 50 calories per every 8oz (a cup), that’s 200-300 calories off of a drink alone. Or zero if I just drink water.

Now I’m not saying you can’t drink these things--drink what you want. But keep in mind that drinks have calories too. It’s not just about reducing what you eat. Consider all of the calories that you consume if you want to make progress.

My personal tip is to carry a water bottle everywhere. Keep a drink on you, that way, quenching your thirst won’t come at the expense of too many calories.

You already have to stay hydrated, and water has ZERO calories. You can’t lose here.

But if you like a lil’ extra flavor, tea is also a great alternative. At around 1 calorie per 100 grams, tea is almost just as good as water.

And finally, if you can stand it, try out black coffee. At just 5 calories per cup, you can still get your caffeine and coffee fix (and all of your friends will think you’re a badass).

Moral of this post is don’t just watch what you eat, watch what you drink too! At least peep the calories before you down 2 or 3 cups.

Be Greater, fit fam.

- Khalil Jones

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