YOU Can See RESULTS in 4 WEEKS (But there's a catch...)

Tomorrow (July 16th) we are officially 6 weeks out from the first week of school. That’s still a month and a half left of summertime relaxation, work, and grind. More and more clients are hitting us up for their exercise plans, and we love it. What I want to tell you and everyone else is that if you’re still looking to start an exercise program or accomplish ANY of your self-improvement goals, THERE IS STILL TIME! Let me say it again: THERE IS STILL TIME. Do NOT underestimate 6 weeks.

There’s a saying in the health and fitness industry that goes, “It takes 4 weeks for you to see results, 8 weeks for your friends to see your results, and 12 weeks for everyone else to see them.” Like clockwork, 4 weeks after all of my clients have started their programs, they’ve messaged me about how excited they are because they are seeing progress. The secret is simple.

They WANT it. And because they truly want it, they get it in 4 weeks.

4 weeks is ALL IT TAKES. Trust the process. Commit to 4 full weeks of consistency and focus and I promise you will see results.

But that’s where a lot of people fall off.

Consistency is hard. Focus can be shifty. And people don’t want it bad enough. Often times the only issue is their priorities. Parties, Netflix, and anything else that works against them comes before their health and fitness goals, which is why they don’t see results.

But the fix is simple. Shift your priorities.

For 1 month--31 days--4 weeks--put your health and fitness first. Cook the majority of your meals. Exercise daily. Sleep enough (yes, that means more than 6 hours). For 1 month, COMMIT.

A 1 month commitment has given ALL of my clients the results they’ve been longing for. And furthermore, they’ve ALL made mistakes. Even with the occasional slip, 1 month is enough to change if you stick to it and bounce back. I cannot emphasize to you enough how much 1 month can change your body, your life, if you just commit.

Here’s the secret behind any and every training program, bootcamp, or diet you might try: Commitment. Grind for 4 weeks. No tricks. No gimmicks. No excuses. Just Work.

I’m getting hype just typing this because I KNOW the amazing results EVERYONE can get if they just WORK for a month.

But hold-up. Remember, I said we have 6 WEEKS left. Imagine how much MORE you can accomplish with that amount of time.

The key is this: START NOW. Do the research. Figure out what you have to do to achieve what you want. And DON’T give yourself excuses. Be READY to implement the change on Monday.

If you just said “ah but I can’t do it now because I’ve got ___” you’re already losing.

Legitimately, WHY can’t you start now? If you answered that with an excuse, ask yourself: Is it REALLY stopping you? Do you REALLY not have the time? Take control. Be active. Get what you want. 

At the very least, write out your daily schedule and see if you REALLY don’t have ANY time to work on yourself. But don’t tell yourself you can’t, because from experience, I know that you can.

But yo, this isn’t even a sell. Of course, we’d love to have you and everyone else as our clients, but Triyo Fitness is about so much more than that. We want everyone to achieve their goals, to be confident in themselves, and to Be the Greatest they can be in ALL aspects of their lives.

PUT THE WORK IN FOR 4 WEEKS and you will see results.

Be Greater,

- Khalil Jones






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