The Reason You Aren't MOTIVATED to Get in the Gym (and How to Fix It!)

One of the most important elements to achieving any goal is motivation. It’s a simple concept, but it can mean everything in the pursuit if achieving a goal.

The issue is that motivation is elusive for many of us. How can we motivate ourselves to accomplish a goal when it seems so daunting? How can we motivate ourselves to accomplish a goal when we don’t know where to start?

As a personal trainer, part of my job is to motivate and encourage my clients and those around me to pursue and achieve their goals. Yet, even so, I can’t always avoid those moments where I lack motivation.


The thing is, most believe that motivation comes before action, but in reality, motivation comes after action. Consider your fitness journey. Those first few cardio sessions might be some of the hardest hours you’ve ever experienced, and the next-day soreness might hurt even more than the workout. Ultimately, you might question whether you can truly accomplish your goals and stick it out through the program, and ALL OF THIS IS NORMAL. You might not have any motivation after these first few sessions, but slowly and gradually, you start to notice changes. Your cardio sessions get easier, and your muscles get used to the soreness. You start seeing changes in the mirror, and your clothes start fitting differently, and you realize that you’re seeing the hard earned results of your grind!

THIS is the moment where your motivation kicks in. As much as we might wish for motivation to come to us first, it won’t. Action is the key prerequisite, and motivation will only come after action. The results of your action will feed your motivation, giving you more reason to continue taking action, which will in turn motivate you even more, thus creating a positive feedback loop. So the question becomes, what comes before action? 

The answer is discipline. Discipline is what gets you through action, and discipline is what pushes you when your motivation is low during that late night in the gym or that early morning run. Discipline keeps the cycle between action and motivation going. The tough part about discipline is that it requires you to trust the process. You don’t know for certain if your action will produce the results that ultimately motivate you, but you employ discipline to stay on track. You must trust yourself and your process. Know and believe that they will get you where you want to go. Exercise your discipline as you take action, and the motivation will follow. 


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