3 Ways to Add MORE TIME to Your Day!

The number one reason people say they can’t go to the gym, eat healthy, or do any number of things that are good for them, is because they don’t have enough time. And I get it, you’re busy with work, clubs, deadlines, friends, and everything else in your busy life—but that’s not a good excuse. Me, you, and Barack Obama all have the same 24 hours in a day, but Obama was the president! I promise you he was busier during his 8 years than you are right now, but he still did it all! So let’s talk about time management, because that’s what this is really about. Here are 3 quick tips to get you on your way to more time:


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1. Stop Watching Netflix. Seriously.

Netflix is great, really. I’m guilty of binge watching a few episodes of Suits and Prison Break too, but it wastes time like no other. That’s 45 minutes to an hour and a half gone in the blink of an eye. I get it, sometimes you just want to relax, and every now and then, you can do that! But try this.  Instead of watching Netflix, do some of your less tedious work, like catching up on emails or doing laundry. Get more things done so that you’re not up late doing busy work (or watching Netflix 🙃), then using your late night as an excuse not to exercise the next day! You’ll see how much time you really have to start making healthier choices!


2. Wake Up Earlier

This one can be tough, but you can do it! Tomorrow, try waking up 30 min to an hour  earlier than you normally do. Do your whole morning routine, same as usual, and at the end, catch up on whatever you need to finish. You’ll have an extra 30 min to an hour to do it, which means an extra 30 min to an hour later in the day for your workout or to cook a healthy meal.




3. Be Present

It’s easy to try to multitask--things like watching TV and reading emails or exercising and responding to messages on our phones. But studies have shown that most people are worse at multitasking than they think. It lowers our efficiency and productivity on both tasks and makes us slower in general. Instead, be present on one task at a time and see if you can get all of your work done faster. I promise it will help!

Hopefully these tips will make you be a bit more productive and find a little more time in your day for healthy choices! They are super easy to implement, so no excuses!

Keep Being Greater!

- Khalil Jones, Certified Personal Trainer


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