Why Not Getting Enough SLEEP is Keeping You from Your BEST BODY!

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I get it, you're busy. You have to go to work, and attend that party, and go to that networking event, and cook dinner, and walk the dog, and do everything else. But you don't feel like you have enough time to do it all, so where do you get some extra time from? 

You cut back on sleep.

And if you're trying to achieve your fitness goals, that's one of the worst things you can do. 

Beyond the key elements of proper brain function and memory, sleep is essential to our recovery and development. When we sleep, the body releases growth (and other) hormones that facilitate our muscle growth and strength development.

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When we work out, we are tearing and breaking down our muscles. We are sore because of this damage. When we sleep, the body repairs the damage from the workout and builds our muscles back to be stronger than they were before. However, if we do not sleep, the body has less of a chance to do this, which means you miss out on possible gains.

We also also burn fat and improve the neuromuscular connections throughout our bodies when we sleep, allowing us to look and perform better. Better connection means better muscle fiber recruitment, which means we are stronger and faster.

Even further, sleep also affects the immune system and our injuries. When we get enough sleep, we are less likely to get sick and injured, which means we can keep pursuing our fitness goals without health road blocks.

If none of that was enough to convince you to get a few extra hours, then consider that sleeping less makes you want to work out less! The lesser energy you have from a good night's sleep can deter you from even wanting to exercise.

The point is this: get enough sleep. This will be different for everyone, but 7-9 hours is the acceptable range for most people. Try to note any changes in your body. See if you feel stronger, faster, or think you look better. I promise sleep will only improve you!

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Be Greater and get your sleep!

- Khalil Jones, Certified Personal Trainer

Triyo Fitness