A More Effective Way to Achieve ANY of Your Goals

As an athlete, entrepreneur, and someone who is intrinsically ambitious, I am always setting goals for myself. Whether it’s to perform a handstand or to get an A in a class, I set goals and reach higher every day. The problem with setting goals like “perform a handstand” or “get an A” is that those goals focus solely on the outcome. There is nothing within those goals that tells you how to achieve them. In fact, the results aren’t even guaranteed with outcome goals. I say “I want to get an A,” but what’s next? The issue with outcome goals is that they create a finish line with no path to get there. This is where process goals come into play. 

A process goal focuses on the process it takes to achieve something greater. For example, let’s say I want to be able to do a handstand. Rather than set my goal as “Perform a handstand,” I would set the process goal of “Practice handstands for 15 minutes every day.” Let’s say I also wanted to get an A in one of my classes. Rather than saying “Get an A,” I would set the process goal to “Review all of my class notes every weekend.”  Setting a process goal does two things. The first is that it gives me a way to achieve what I want. It breaks a lofty goal down into smaller things that I can systematically achieve and use to build my way up. The second thing is that it takes my outcome goal and turns it into something that is currently within my power. I may not be able to do a handstand yet, but I can definitely practice for 15 minutes a day. Process goals are much more manageable and give you the agency to do something in the present rather than look for an outcome in the future, a future that is always changing and always uncertain. 


The next time you set a goal or milestone you want to reach, think about the daily, weekly, and monthly goals it will take to get there. Outcome goals are good to keep in the back of your mind as a reminder of what you are trying to achieve, but be sure to keep the process goals front and center. Those are the ones that you will be able to control and they are the steps that will lead to your success. 

In my next post, I’ll talk more about the importance of committing to the PROCESS rather than the OUTCOME of any journey. 

- Ahmad, Certified Personal Trainer

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