One Way YOU Can go HARDER In the Gym!

Photo via FitGirlCode

Photo via FitGirlCode

What's good everyone! I often get a lot of questions about how to maximize workouts in the gym. There are a lot of ways to maximize time in the gym, but the particular method I want to highlight today is training partners. This one is front of mind for me because of the training session I had with my brothers yesterday. We hit legs, and when I say we went in, I mean we went ALL THE WAY IN. We did a heavy leg day, specifically during our barbell back squats, and I can definitively say that I put up WAY MORE weight thanks to Ahmad and Khalil being there. When I gave 5 reps, they came behind my set and gave 12, so I had to come back and at least get 10. When I was planning on playing it a little safer on the weight, they pushed me to add another 35lbs. This is the point of a training partner(s)—they’re someone who you train with who will keep you accountable and push you to get a more quality workout in. I want to emphasize that this is someone who improves your workout. If they aren’t improving your workout, then they’re only slowing you down in the gym, so you need to make sure you pick someone who is committed to being a good partner. In some cases this might not be someone you’re good friends with, but rather someone you know is serious about working out. My typical training partners are my brothers, who happen to be my best friends, but when we’re in the gym, it’s all business. We don’t socialize, we grind and push each other to get the best workout possible, whether that means lifting more weight, doing more reps, or maintaining more quality form.


There are many reasons why training partners are great, but I’ll highlight the major reasons why a training partner might be what you need:

1. Competition

For me, having a training partner works so well because I’m a highly competitive person. I’m always seeing how I can outwork or outdo other people, so having my brothers in a workout makes me want to push my limits. If you’re like this, then you’ll want a training partner who is around your fitness level so that they provide a healthy challenge. If you’re lifting twice as much weight as they are, or running twice as fast, then you won’t feel the need to push yourself and compete. But, if you’re always lifting similar weight, you’ll have that extra drive to outdo them and push your own limits.

2. Accountability

This is probably the most general and major benefit to having a training partner. Training partners will keep you accountable for everything you do in the gym by simply being there because you know they’re watching. It might make the difference between executing reps with sloppy form and quality form, or the difference between holding a plank for 35 seconds instead of 30 seconds. Furthermore, training partners give you someone who is counting on you to show up to the gym. When you know someone else is expecting you to be somewhere at a certain time, you are much more likely to go!

3. Companionship

This is a pretty basic but important benefit! As people, we all want companionship, and sometimes, we don’t want to go through a workout by ourselves! Pursuing our goals alone can be tough, but having someone there to just talk about workouts or soreness can make all the difference in keeping you happy and on track. Both success and struggle are best experienced with other people!

Go find your training partner today, and let your boy know how it goes!

-Malik Jones, Personal Trainer

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