The Perfect Fitness Plan to Follow

What’s good squaaad! Something that people often ask me about, and something I’ve been caught up in myself, is finding the “perfect fitness plan.” How do we find that perfect plan that will address everything we want it to? Should you be following that mass gaining workout off of What about the leg workout you found in Women’s Health Magazine? The 30 day shred you found in Oxygen Magazine? There are countless places you can find conditioning programs, strength programs, shred programs, weight loss programs, and more, but we need to dispel the idea that there is a "perfect" fitness plan.


This is because our preferences and bodies are always changing, which means that our “perfect plan” is always changing too. Injuries, emotions, diet, and a host of other things all affect the way we might see our fitness regimen at any given time, so it won’t ever truly be perfect. So then what about the workout plans that you see bodybuilders post online, or the plan that a celebrity used to get in shape for that movie, or the one that famous trainer posted online—those aren’t good fitness programs? Aren’t those the experts? –Yes and no. Yes in the sense that those plans were probably great for the people who created them (or the people they were created for), and no in the sense that they likely aren’t going to be as good for you. You aren’t the people who those plans were made for. You might share similar characteristics or goals, but that plan won’t be perfect for you.

One example of this is that my brother, Khalil, once found a leg workout on It was a crazy routine that had him working his legs for more than 90 minutes in the gym, and ultimately he couldn’t continue with it. Why? It wasn’t right for him. The leg routine was a bodybuilder’s routine, and Khalil isn’t a bodybuilder. He doesn’t eat, sleep, or live the same way that a bodybuilder does, so it understandably wasn’t the right leg workout for him. Eventually, he realized that he needed to craft his own, more appropriate leg workout. As a personal trainer, it’s my job to help others find their perfect plan, but it’s ultimately the individual who must tweak and adjust their fitness programs to suit themselves. I say this all to say that you shouldn’t get hung up on searching the internet for the perfect plan, or asking fitness professionals to create the perfect plan for you. It’s part of your fitness journey to determine what works best for you based on your body, preferences, schedule, etc.

Additionally, you need to recognize that fitness takes time! You can’t jump from fitness program to fitness program week after week, you need to allow a program to show results. Health and fitness are lifelong pursuits that are constantly evolving for each individual, so take your time to find out what works for you and enjoy the experimentation! With that said, I’ll summarize in two key points:

1. You know your body and preferences better than anyone. Therefore, you are the best person to evaluate a fitness program for yourself. You can totally get help from fitness professionals (like ya boy here), but you’ll ultimately make your own adjustments to the program until it’s right for you. Go experiment!

2. Enjoy your own fitness journey! Stop worrying about the newest fitness plan and work your own! There is ALWAYS going to be another fitness program on the market. Be open to researching other fitness programs and incorporating different elements from what you find, but remember that the perfect plan will be the one you can and will stick to!

Good luck, stay positive, and stay motivated!

-Malik Jones, Certified Personal Trainer

Triyo Fitness