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So, what exactly is a bootcamp?

A bootcamp is a dynamic, high energy group workout led by one or more trainers. The trainer takes the attendees through a series of exercise, pumping up the team and blasting the best music to keep the energy high! Bootcamps typically last an hour.

Why are bootcamps awesome?

Bootcamps are a fun way to stay active and healthy with other people! We love hosting bootcamps because we get to meet a lot of people and truly help others achieve their goals. The energy in the room is amazing. There’s nothing like taking a team of awesome people and working out together! The team focus is great for clubs, corporate organizations, and any other groups to to bond and spend quality time together! Everyone is helping everyone achieve their goals.


What do we emphasize?

Our bootcamps emphasize dynamic social connection. We believe that exercise shouldn’t always be so individual, and that it’s easy for everyone to achieve their goals and learn together. There’s something about sweating, breathing, and grinding with someone that bonds you together like no other—and we love that! We create an atmosphere at our bootcamps that promotes diverse connections between all of our attendees. If you ever attend one of our bootcamps, you can expect to leave with a host of new friends who all have an interest in being healthy, lit, and fit individuals! We ensure that everyone has an opportunity to introduce themselves, whether they’re newcomers or veterans of our bootcamps. Additionally, we believe that health and wellness should be more of a social topic. Just like people talk about their favorite TV show, they can talk about their fitness goals, habits, and motivation! Our bootcamps create the space for these conversations, as well as the opportunities for these conversations to take place. Head over to our testimonials page to look at what people are saying about our events!

How can I participate in a bootcamp?

Visit and like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram! This is where you can find out about all of our events and see who else is going as well!


I want you guys to host a bootcamp for my organization/group; how do I do that?

We’d LOVE to host a bootcamp for your organization. Use the contact form below so that we can start discussing the details of the event! Check out our testimonials and prices below, then hit us up!

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Bootcamp Testimonials

“Malik, Khalil, and Ahmad aren’t just trainers that tell you what to do and watch. Every step of the way, from the warm up to cool down, they are doing the moves, sweating right along with you, pumping you up with their energy and that really motivates you to put in your all for the entirety of the workout. I don’t know how they are able to turn a room full of strangers into a group that cheers each other on and roots for the entire group’s success but it works and it’s amazing. Every time I walk out of a bootcamp I feel energized, accomplished, and most of all empowered to incorporate the fitness and health tips I’ve learned into my daily life.”

— DaLia H.

“My experiences working out with Triyo Fitness have been nothing short of incredible. Every workout brought along a positive and encouraging atmosphere that always complemented the physical component of the sessions with mental and spiritual invigoration. And here, a workout was not simply a period of physical exertion in their presence. In fact, it was social; we talked to each other. It was motivational; we cheered each other on. It was a lifestyle; we returned for more. I would encourage anyone and everyone to undergo the experience of a Triyo Fitness workout. You will find their workout nothing short of a new way of life.”

— Peter O.

“The average person can expect to feel at least a bit nervous about participating in anything with the name “bootcamp,” especially when it’s run by not one, but three fit individuals. Luckily, nerves have no place in a Triyo Fitness bootcamp. Malik, Ahmad, and Khalil create an environment that’s so positive, encouraging, and energetic that the only thing you’re able to focus on is giving each and every movement your all.”

— Yasmeen D.

Head to our testimonials page to read more!

Triyo Fitness Bootcamps

Bootcamp workouts include a warm-up, workout, and cool-down. We do not provide refreshments but we can for an additional fee. Fees do not include travel compensation.


60 min with 20 people or less: $200

60 min with 21 people or more: $200 + $10 per every person over 20


60 min with 20 people or less: $300

60 min with 21 people or more: $300 + $15 per every person over 20

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