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Personal Training Testimonials

I am very appreciative of Ahmad! I started with him in September of 2017, a fresh start to my last year in college. I wanted to get into wedding shape and knew I had to make some life changes to prepare myself since I would start living with my fiancé after graduation. Ahmad was my introduction to the fitness lifestyle and he showed me various exercises and techniques that allowed me to reach my goals and learn more about my body. Thank you Ahmad!
— Alberto H.
Training with Ahmad at Triyo Fitness was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my fitness! He was so motivating, thoughtful, and supportive. Before jumping into training, he made sure to really understand my goals and figure out a plan that’s perfect for me. I’m so proud of my progress, and more than that, I feel amazing.
— Vic M.
I would have never thought a personalized training plan would help me in so many ways. From helping me adjust my diet to pushing me physically and mentally to reach my goals, Khalil was always a message away and day by day continued to spark more motivation in me to train as hard as I could and achieve the results I wanted. Working with Triyo Fitness was exciting, tiring, challenging and super fun. Before, I would usually get bored of the same routine and excercises but Khalil did an amazing job at keeping things interesting and challenging and pushing me to use equipment I had never touched. He really made me like going to the gym and get out of my comfort zone when it came to working out, and encouraged me to be better and strive for greatness with every workout he sent my way. I will 100% recommend Triyo fitness to anyone interested in becoming a better version of themselves. LOVE YOU ALL!
— Maria. AG.
Working with Khalil at Triyo Fitness was probably the best thing that happened to my New Years Resolution. The workout plans helped me develop and stick to a routine, which I would have lost the motivation for after a couple weeks. The personalized plan helped me inch towards my goal while being in close contact with Khalil. At times where I felt unmotivated, ever email and interaction I had with Khalil was signed “Be greater!” so the more I read it the more it felt true. I had a great motivated and the days where I was sore and couldn’t move, I pushed through because I was becoming greater! Now, if a couple days goes by and I don’t go to the gym, I think back to all the hard work and motivation I had during my 9 weeks of training and push through. Triyo Fitness helped me establish a love for fitness and I cannot describe how grateful I am.
— Marcel I.
Triyo Fitness is the real deal. Over the summer of 2015 I was in some pretty bad shape before coming to them with the hopes of running a Spartan Race at the end of the summer. Instead of just the normal personal training, they get into the workout with you. Push you, motivate you, create results no matter what. If you work with Triyo Fitness you are definitely in for some results. They inspire fitness. Oh and by the way, I finished 2nd in my heat and 20th overall for the day in my Spartan Race. #thanksTriyoFitness
— Danny R.

Bootcamp Testimonials

Malik, Khalil, and Ahmad aren’t just trainers that tell you what to do and watch. Every step of the way, from the warm up to cool down, they are doing the moves, sweating right along with you, pumping you up with their energy and that really motivates you to put in your all for the entirety of the workout. I don’t know how they are able to turn a room full of strangers into a group that cheers each other on and roots for the entire group’s success but it works and it’s amazing. Every time I walk out of a bootcamp I feel energized, accomplished, and most of all empowered to incorporate the fitness and health tips I’ve learned into my daily life.
— DaLia H.
My experiences working out with Triyo Fitness have been nothing short of incredible. Every workout brought along a positive and encouraging atmosphere that always complemented the physical component of the sessions with mental and spiritual invigoration. And here, a workout was not simply a period of physical exertion in their presence. In fact, it was social; we talked to each other. It was motivational; we cheered each other on. It was a lifestyle; we returned for more. I would encourage anyone and everyone to undergo the experience of a Triyo Fitness workout. You will find their workout nothing short of a new way of life.
— Peter O.
The average person can expect to feel at least a bit nervous about participating in anything with the name “bootcamp,” especially when it’s run by not one, but three fit individuals. Luckily, nerves have no place in a Triyo Fitness bootcamp. Malik, Ahmad, and Khalil create an environment that’s so positive, encouraging, and energetic that the only thing you’re able to focus on is giving each and every movement your all.
— Yasmeen D.
Working out with the triplets is something you don’t want to miss out on! As a female somewhat intimated by the triplets’ workout routine, I was relieved to go to a workout class that I could enjoy at my own pace. The triplets kept the training fun and productive, so I was always sore the day after. Throughout the training, they also check to make sure you’re feeling fine and having fun. Their classes also have a great mélange of cardio, strength, and flexibility training, so your body gets what it needs.
— Lyndsi P.
These three guys are awesome! I have attended two of their bootcamps which have, in both cases, resulted in a fun way of getting a nice workout and meeting a lot of cool people. Plus, the music they play there is really good. The Triplets have a lot of energy! And, what’s even more important, they know how to transmit it. These 3 brothers are a true source of motivation not only in my fitness journey but also in life.
— Rocio M.
The brothers are very motivated, helpful, and encouraging throughout their program, and they pushed me to do more than I thought I could during their workouts. With the triplets’ help, I realized that there is always an opportunity to make yourself greater. I have found a new appreciation and motivation to work out thanks to the amazing trio of Triyo Fitness.
— Luis R.
I have been to three of the Triplets training sessions and have had them as personal trainers for the Penn Women’s Ice Hockey Team. Each of the trainers makes a clear effort to reach out and get to know all of their participants. They create a welcoming atmosphere that provides a safe space for one to push themselves physically and mentally throughout the workout without any judgement. They maintain a high energy throughout the entire workout keeping you motivated and enthused. Triyo Fitness provided multiple exercise modifications, creating a personalized workout for each skill level.
— Alexa J.
Khalil, Malik, and Ahmad were clearly very thoughtful in crafting a workout program that truly was open to people on all levels and demonstrated modifications for each step if you wanted to make the workout more or less challenging. They have great chemistry and make the bootcamp a welcoming environment. Partner exercises are a major component of the bootcamps that add to the fun of it. It is easy to tell that they care about your lifestyle by inquiring and encouraging you to have a balanced diet and enough sleep in addition to working out. Khalil, Malik, and Ahmad make sure you get to ask whatever questions you may have, and they remind you to stretch and drink lots of water after workouts.
— Glorie P.
I have gone to almost every Triyo Fitness Bootcamp on Penn’s campus and I can honestly say that I enjoy their workouts. I keep going because it’s the perfect way to have a fun and balanced workout in an hour. When working out by yourself it is easy to slack off, but with the triplets the energy is always high, which facilitates a motivating environment. Their bootcamps allow you to pace and push yourself in the way that fits you best.
— Chaela N.