The Reason We Do This

Our clients and fit fam mean the world to us. Their hard work and dedication to our programs is part of what drives and inspires us to keep training and to Be Greater everyday! Here, we want to celebrate our clients and their journeys to become the best versions of themselves!


Lost 11lb in 8 weeks!

"Training with Ahmad at Triyo Fitness was one of the best decisions I've made for my fitness! He was so motivating, thoughtful, and supportive. Before jumping into training, he made sure to really understand my goals and figure out a plan that's perfect for me. I'm so proud of my progress, and more than that, I feel amazing." - V.M.

Kenneth before nand after.png

8 week Body recomp! K.A. started at 145lb and gained 9lb (while also burning fat!)

"I remember setting an alarm for 5 am with a message that read, 'let’s get these gains!' It was the message Malik wrote to me when I first started, and it served to motivate me when I didn’t want to get up because I was tired or sore. After the first couple weeks, I saw changes. Soon, everyone else noticed too! I started the program running a 20min mile, and by time I was done, my mile was sub 8min. With Malik, I wanted to go as hard as I could every time and really put in the work. Malik was always there to put me back on track when I needed it, and this program transformed me, giving me discipline, confidence, and teaching me how to get these gains!" - K.A.

Marcel 2nd transfo2.jpg

Lost 15lb in 8 weeks!

“Working with Khalil at Triyo Fitness was probably the best thing that happened to my New Years Resolution. The workout plans helped me develop and stick to a routine, which I would have lost the motivation for after a couple weeks. The personalized plan helped me inch towards my goal while being in close contact with Khalil. At times where I felt unmotivated, ever email and interaction I had with Khalil was signed “Be greater!” so the more I read it the more it felt true…Triyo Fitness helped me establish a love for fitness and I cannot describe how grateful I am.” - M.I.

Albi after1.jpg

Lost 12 lb (and gained muscle!) in 8 weeks!

“I am very appreciative of Ahmad! I started with him in September of 2017, a fresh start to my last year in college. I wanted to get into wedding shape and knew I had to make some life changes to prepare myself since I would start living with my fiancé after graduation. Ahmad was my introduction to the fitness lifestyle and he showed me various exercises and techniques that allowed me to reach my goals and learn more about my body. Thank you Ahmad!” 

- A.H.